Ready to Master Diabetes and Take Back Control?

Julie Adkison, Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, has developed both free and premium resources designed to help in your diabetes journey. Don’t wait another day to take control of your future. Explore the latest resources from diabetesVILLAGE, below.

Free: 25 quick and easy diabetes-friendly snacks!

Tired of trying to figure out what you can eat for a snack? With diabetes, you have to be careful, but you shouldn’t have to stress every time you want to eat. 

It used to be a challenge. Not anymore! 

Get our list of 25 quick, diabetes-friendly snacks that you’re sure to enjoy! Print it out, put it on your fridge or save it your phone – You’ll want this nearby all the time! 

Free: Diabetes Roadmap

Newly diagnosed? Being overwhelmed stops here!  Get a reliable resource to know the key questions to ask and topics to learn. This comprehensive education roadmap gives you a checklist for all the important things to know to get on the path to diabetes success.

Free: Private Facebook Group!

Don’t go it alone! Learn from other’s stories, share your own and get support! The group provides self-management support to people diagnosed with diabetes and is run by a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist/Pharmacist – Julie Adkison!


Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been trying to improve your A1C for a while, you’ve likely taken some detours along your journey.  Get on the path that leads to health and hope.  The premium resources below are uniquely designed by a pharmacist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist who understands real life.  She’s helped hundreds of people reach their diabetes goals.  You’re next!



This mini-course contains 2 modules to teach you all about a diabetes diagnosis, nutrition essentials, and the right way to do blood sugar monitoring!

Plus, get tons of resources to use over and over again! Pantry lists, quick reference tools, tracking sheets and more!

What’s included: 

  • Diabetes 101 – the basics of the disease
  • Module 1: Nutrition for Diabetes
  • Nutrition Essentials
  • Top Tips for Quick Wins
  • Specific Diet Types
  • Videos, Logsheets, Printable Resources
  • Module 2: Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Blood sugar basics
  • Finding my carb number
  • Hypoglycemia Prevention and Treatment
  • Videos, Logsheets, Printable Resources
  • And more!

Your Results:

  • Crush your A1C

  • Increase your energy
  • Stop wondering about the right foods to eat

  • Lower your risk for heart disease
  • Take control of your health!

Medication Masterclass