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Get the help you need to feel better, find hope and live empowered with diabetes

Most people with diabetes feel overwhelmed and defeated by diabetes at some point in their health journey. Keeping track of all the numbers, the never ending list of “do’s and don’ts” and worrying about future complications can be exhausting.

Whether you were recently diagnosed or if you’ve been living with diabetes for several years, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed or even stuck in a rut.

That stuck feeling is real! Ignoring diabetes doesn’t make it go away or get better without changing something. You have likely learned that this strategy doesn’t work.

There is hope for you!

Together, we can identify the obstacles and get you unstuck. We can find the blood sugar trouble spots and develop solutions to move you toward optimal glucose control. Yes, it requires time and attention! I will make sure you understand the basics of diabetes and build on what you already know. As your diabetes coach, I’ll guide you into making decisions that move your health in a positive direction.

I’ve worked with hundreds of diabetes patients in a medical office. I know that you have struggles, fears and questions that you never bring up. I know that you don’t share your full story with the health care team. Because, let’s be honest, you have about 15 minutes in an office visit to cover a lot of information! Your “chronic disease” is with you all year long, not only in a few 15-minute sessions each year.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. The people who really get unstuck and make progress have a fundamental understanding of diabetes and how everyday decisions affect their health.   They know how to handle challenges and not get pulled off track by one bad day.

I’ll partner with you to explain diabetes in terms that truly make sense to you. I understand that every day isn’t perfect, and that you’ll need strategies for working through the rough spots. In addition to feeling better and controlling your blood sugars, diabetes education and coaching has been proven in research studies that people are more likely to take prescribed medications, receive guideline recommended care and have lower overall healthcare costs than those who receive no education. The benefits are clear.

Let’s work together to move you on the path toward living empowered with diabetes!

After your diabetes trouble spots are addressed, we will work through topics that are most helpful to you. Some potential areas to be discussed:

Diabetes 101

Understanding the basics of the disease.

Blood Sugar Testing

Glucometers, test strips, using the numbers.

Medication Overview

The drugs: how they work, side effects and benefits

Insulin Basics

Product differences, avoiding highs/lows, using pens/vials

Lab Interpretation

Understanding the meaning and importance of the numbers.

Stress Management

Manage your stress and cope with diabetes.

Healthy Eating

Choosing the diet that’s right for you.

Healthy Moving

How much, how often, what type of movement.


Protecting your eyes, kidneys, feet and heart

Ask Me Anything!

Targeted advice for specific questions and concerns

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