So, you have a diagnosis of diabetes. Or maybe someone you love does. The truth is… it stinks. It’s hard. It’s a never-ending list of things to do, to watch out for, and to be concerned about. Worrying about your health is not ever how you wanted to spend your life. Aren’t there so many better things to do?

I get that.

No, I don’t have diabetes myself, but I’ve had conversations with hundreds of diabetes patients as a healthcare provider. I have sat with them in an exam room and listened to their struggles, their fears, their hatred toward this disease.

I’ve offered medical advice from a professional perspective, knowing that some of the people sitting in front of me would embrace the advice and take action…but, a good number of patients would not.

They could not.

For some, it is JUST.SO.COMPLICATED. It is those people who are welcome here at the Diabetes Village. I am writing to you. I want to combine my knowledge as a doctor of pharmacy and diabetes specialist to talk straight with you. I’ll tell you things we don’t always say in the exam room. I’ll break down the complex principles of diabetes education and make them easier to understand. I’ll try to answer your questions with science and sensibility. I’ll create a safe place for you to talk about one of the most valuable parts of your life – your health.

You know, diabetes is largely a self-managed disease. But sometimes, the “self” part feels really lonely, like no one understands.

I want you to find your tribe here.

Your tribe is full of people who also find diabetes to be tough, demanding and burdensome. They may not be exactly like you, but they’re dealing with the same life stress. We’ll ask each other questions and listen to the answers. We’ll share the best of what works for us. We’ll pick each other up in times of disappointment, and we will celebrate the victories together.

We’ll travel the journey together. I will guide and mentor you through the rough waters of living with diabetes. We’ll explore the “why’s” behind many of the diabetes recommendations. I’ll cheer you on and challenge you to reach your goals.

Let’s get started. We’ve got work to do!

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